How It All Began

At Backlight Studio, we take care of your creative and strategic needs so you can focus on running your business at its full potential. We’re driven by technology as much as design and content to ensure we fulfill our key mission of helping our clients achieve their successful future.

We’ve been helping companies develop and define their brands since 2016. The times may have changed, but our creativity certainly hasn't. Get in touch so that we can start elevating you to where you deserve to be.


Bradley John

Founder & Creative Director

Hi, I am the founder and director of operations at Backlight Studio. I focus on keeping our talent up to industry standard.  I will personally conduct a zoom meeting with you, so I can asses your Brands needs. Then assemble a development team from our circle of trusted artists  to match your budget. 

Joe Sheridan


The creativity and brand knowledge of Joe Sheridan absolutely blew us away when he joined our team and he has been wowing us ever since. There is nothing he can’t do when it comes to producing outstanding client work.

Man Drinking Coffee


General Info

What is the Backlight Studio client onboarding process?

We normally start with a zoom meeting to discuss your needs. After the initial call we will cater a team or assign an individual to your 'Assignment' . We pride ourselves in making sure every project is overseen by an Experienced & Qualified Producer or Director.

What other services does Backlight Studio provide?

Backlight Studio Is a Video First Production Agency. We Specialize in Visual Effects and Film. After coming onboard with us we will help you Create the level of content you want to represent your brand . develop your website so it is ready for the public . Create Amazing social media Campaigns . Use our Analytic Experts to push your product or service.